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Quotes from some of the Great Movers & Shakers

Posted on 27 February, 2013 at 18:03 Comments comments (32)
Quotes from some of the great movers and shakers

"Do not think that you have to win, rather think that you do not have to lose"

"Know yourself first and then others"

"Do not think that karate is only in the dojo"

"Spirit first technique second"

"Karate is like hot water if you do not give it heat constantly it again becomes cold"

Gichin Funakishi

"Dancers are part soldier, part gladiator, part Matador, they possess the disciplined courage of the first, the brute daring of the second, finesse of the last"

"The dancer is fortunate indeed, for he has, for his instrument the most eloquent and miraculous of all instruments, the human body"

"The Class

[Dance is] an art that literally epitomise the old bromide about "honest sweat."...  for muscles never stay stretched, you know.  One good painful stretching on Monday will not do for Tuesday, Tuesday will demand its share of the discomforts, as Well as Wednesday and Thursday and the rest of the week. Sweat, you now, is for most sensible human beings not quite nice. Not quite delicate, nor mannerly, and to be avoided wherever possible. But a dancer lives--I use this verb in all its implications and with all emphasis-- lives in it, with it, around it, Soaked with it, permeated by it, marinated in it."

Jose Limone